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Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Resources to peruse

David Brin has a list of webpages to explore (movies, catch-all, even his own stories). We adults tend to forget 1) the step-wise transition from child to adult, 2) classroom time comes at a premium--a precious commodity--and 3) the specific science covered in a science course. These three ideas are often inextricable. For example, combining #1 and #3, one does not leap too far ahead of where the students are. Nonetheless, I look forward to exploring all that Brin has to offer science teachers.

Meanwhile, I have read Geoffrey A. Landis' "Approaching Perimelasma" mentioned in the last post concerning Mike Brotherton's anthology of science fiction stories about astronomy, Diamonds in the Sky. It is perfect for the discussion of black holes. However, 1) it may be longer than students are willing to put up with, which means this should be given to upper-level students or at least not required, 2) it requires some background knowledge that Landis assumes readers will already know. I'll try to prep this into something more usable next weekend (weekends never seem long enough).

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