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Friday, June 29, 2012

Douglas Texter, "Primetime"

Writers of the Future XXIII

The gripping "Primetime" opens with a time-traveling journalist always on the lookout for capturing the greatest moments of pathos in history--no matter how small. His instincts and the risks he takes gets him trouble but also promoted. But then his risks catch up to him when an accident lands him visible to an inhabitant of Japan during WWII--an inhabitant who wants to kill him and handlers who are forced to leave him stranded in another time since time travelers are only to be invisible spectators.

After such pyrotechnic display of drama, I searched for where Douglas Texter is now, expecting to turn up some gems. He's finished a Ph.D. and this satiric take on self-help confidence books: You're Not Very Important (Amazon print, Smashwords electronic). This is probably not the book to read if you're teetering on the edge of depression, but it is humorous.

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