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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big Guy by James Patrick Kelly -- Reader’s Guide

Asimov’s June 1994

Murph lives both online and in his apartment, and that’s about it. He watches through the internet as a security guard. Some sexual situations suggested.

Why did Murph delete his nipples?

What might it feel like, after wanting to meet a girl in person, to encounter two live people together (Dr. Bertrand and his hired girl)?

What does it mean to “live fast?” Use text to support your answers. Does Murph live fast? Is it what he wants?

What is it about being cut off from his workmate that’s so disturbing to Murph? What does that suggest?

Why does Dr. Ghatak’s confession disturb Murph when that’s exactly what he wants to do?

Is what Murph’s walking into--his new, in-person relationship with Cat--a good thing? Support your answer with the text. (In-person vs. virtual, limited vs. fluid identity, life vs. death, paid vs. voluntary companion )

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