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Sunday, November 25, 2012

"If the Stars Reverse their Courses, If the Rivers Run Back from the Sea" by Alter S. Reiss

Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 2012

Another strong parallel universe story, albeit one with roots in fantasy.  The narrator travels to a basement where he does some conjuration so he can visit a nexus where the formerly dead gather.  In some universes they live on, while in others they are reincarnated, living again and again.  The narrator is determined to right wrongs, to kill Cainder who has started a war in every universe--no matter how many times the narrator has to kill Cainder.   

This one feels like part of a novel or novella, especially since we travel through part of one universe without accomplishing much except setting up the travesty Cainder has caused (vital but perhaps more could have occurred).  It captures a nice tone matching the narrative.

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