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Monday, December 8, 2014

What We Do in the Shadows -- trailer and clips

At Michael Knost's recommend, I hunted down these clips from a forthcoming New Zealand mockumentary about vampires. It seems reminiscent of Spinal Tap with a similar underground-classic appeal. Each vampire has a distinct character flavor that's rather charming and humorous--more in the smiling department than that of the guffaw one.


Other Clips (Some gore. Some overlap in content but each unique. Not all may be from the movie, but they carry a similar tone):

  1. Opening Scene
  2. Stu teaches technology!
  3. Dead but delicious.
  4. Vampires vs Werewolves: "Awooooo!"
  5. An evening with a vampire
  6. The bisgetti and cobra trick
  7. Incubus Seeks Succubus
  8. Passing Time
  9. Werewolves not Swearwolves
  10. Self Image Problems
  11. Blending in to Bleed Out
  12. Hypnosis in the Shadows
  13. Dating 101 with Viago
  14. Vampire's Guide to Vellington
  15. Vampire's Guide to Vellington Out-takes
  16. Behind The Lid - Vellington Sign

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