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Sunday, January 31, 2016

"God Whisperer" by Daniel J. Davis

Appeared in David Farland's Writers of the Future.

Here's clever little pithy tale.

Jack has a miniature god living with him--not unlike a pet. It is awkward for him as the god, Zu'ar, leaves a trail of carnage: a pyramid bird skulls and such as trophies. Also, like a pet, he destroys the furniture. Jack has to do something... So he gets a god whisperer.

Writers of the Future works lean more toward entertainments. This one gets the mental gears turning. Basically, your god is something that needs to be tamed, under your control. While I'm not sure I buy the theme, Davis renders it with charm and some humor. I don't have to buy the politics to admire the story's aesthetics. If Davis can follow up this story, he should have an admirable career.

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