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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Star Trek: Season 1, Episode 15. "Shore Leave"

Entire crew weary, needing of sleep and rest. Kirk and Spock have no plans on resting, however. McCoy and Sulu are on shore leave on an uninhabited planet in the Omicron Delta region, appreciating time off and collecting biological samples. McCoy, alone, spots the White Rabbit and Alice, not long after saying the planet was like "something out of Alice in Wonderland."

Spock tricks Kirk into commanding himself to go on shore leave.

Analysis with spoilers:
Manifested hallucinations abound. Kirk claims to have been grim as a student named was Finnegan, and Finneagan appears. Yeoman Barrrows imagines she'd like to meet Don Juan although he's more than she bargained for. Kirk spots an old flame, Ruth.

Spock reports underground industrial complex seems to be draining communications power from devices and Enterprise itself. Sulu discovers during an encounter with a samurai that even their phasers have died. Spock beams self down when he sees that all communications and transport will leave crew and captain stranded (although why he didn't beam them out before isn't explained).

McCoy, certain this is all an illusion, stands in the path of a jousting knight... and dies. More shenanigans until a robed caretaker appears to say that it's all an amusement park. When Kirk asks for more info about the people who build it, he's told they're too much for him to understand. Spock agrees. Why? (Apart from writer not wanting to explain, that is.)

Episode closes with Spock saying it was "Most illogical" that humans should enjoy themselves on shore leave. Illogical of him to say except if one considers everyone had phoney experiences with faux people.

Episode interspersed with shots from perspective of antenna "watching" visitors.

Quotes designed to foreshadow events. Episode written by Theodore Sturgeon. Interesting that Sulu's quote is challenged, even the key. We lay at the feet of humans and animals all our troubles, but troubles can still pop up.

  1. Kirk: "a planet remarkably like Earth or how we remember Earth to be: park-like..."
  2. Sulu: "Beautiful, beautiful. No animals, no people, no worries."
  3. Kirk: "The more complex the mind, the more need for play."
  4. Caretaker: "My impression is you are not ready to understand us, Captain."

    1. Apparently 433 people on Enterprise.
    2. First discussion of [Starfleet] Academy. 
    3. First episode where Kirk seems to reject female advances (Yeoman Barrow, Ruth, but maybe he rejected Barrow's advances because he knew McCoy was interested).
    4. McCoy's first flirt with a real woman (first flirt was an imaginary human). Interestingly, he throws her over a pair of phony women.
    5. McCoy's first death (not wearing red).
    6. Dead "dummy" knight wiggles nose.
    7. Good guys in the future--or at least the peaceful ones--always wear long flowing robes.
    8. Dry run for the future ST:NG holodeck.

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