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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Review: The Undefeated by Una McCormack

The Undefeated 
by Una McCormack 
Sci Fi & Fantasy
Monica Greatorex, sixty years old, is rich without having tried to earn it, reporting on the world. From the planet Sienna, she travels the Commonwealth with Gale, one of the jenjer. Now she's retired, and she has returned to Sienna with Gale. Sienna is in ruins. The jenjer are coming.

The jenjer, to live, had to have a medicine that kept them alive, However, one by one, the jenjer have acquired independence from this medicine and have liberating themselves and are returning for revenge and retribution.

Monica doesn't play much of a role except as passive observer. Maybe she represents the rich who benefited from slavery but now deserve to die. Strangely, despite this conviction, she hasn't given up Gale.

Because of her passive role and the conflict not being with her since she's decided to give it all up, she's not terribly dynamic and the opening is, therefore, sluggish.  If this description sounds intriguing and you don't slowness, start on chapter 1. If it's intriguing but you're balking at sluggishness, start on chapter 2. If you're unsure, start at the last scene in chapter 2 and read on. You can always return to the beginning if you like what you read.

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