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Friday, September 11, 2020

Dune: the Book, Movies and Trailers

Interesting that the editor of the trailer chose to follow the Lynch trailer.

Supposedly, no publisher liked the book, and it couldn't get published except by a publisher of car manuals. It later won a Hugo and Nebula. And then it was beloved. As a child I struggled to get into the novel but succeeded on the second or third try, loved the wonder and political intrigue. Perhaps I was too young.

Supposedly, no one liked the first film, claimed to be confusing, and Lynch disowned it. I understood it and loved it. The second was supposed to rehabilitate the book's image the Lynch mauled. At first critics claimed it did, and later it was also proclaimed a disappointment. And then critics came out saying that they actually liked the Lynch film better.

I found the debates strange as I liked all three: book, movie, miniseries. Movies are an odd translation, especially with anything so complex as Dune.

What is confusing is how people can judge a movie based on a trailer. Some trailers suggest a bad movie if you can't figure out the general plot.

However, it's difficult to get the general idea of the plot out of these trailers--probably due to the complex plot--although they do touch on some of the wonder.

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