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Thursday, June 17, 2010

"The Dead Man's Child" by Jay Lake

Appearing in Cosmos, "The Dead Man's Child" is Jay Lake's latest--an inspirational tale.

Summary: Marguerite wants to know about the high lines. Whatever it is, her father has passed away doing it. She desires to work them before even knowing what they entail. She risks getting herself in trouble at school by daring to ask about it.

Key Passage:
"I advise simplicity in life. Choice kills."

"And choice can make you great," says Marguerite stubbornly.

"Of course." Mr Grieve sounds surprised. "Without risk, there is no reward."

"So tell me of the high lines."

Comment: Interestingly, Jonah Lehrer states a case for something similar to advocating simplicity in How We Decide--too much information paralyzes us, essentially preventing us from making good decisions. (This comment is merely a note of interest.)

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