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Saturday, July 6, 2013

MUST READ: Willam C. Martell's "Visual Storytelling"

Willam C. Martell's Visual Storytelling is a must read if you're a writer or someone interested in noticing effects movies strive after. This one's both fascinating and well documented.  How many other books show one example and move on?  Martell teaches a concept, and illustrates it sometimes three times over.  You get the point.

And the points are all rather interesting.  Half of my copy is underlined.  Some topics covered:

  1. Characters need to be in action
  2. Contrast highlights both characters/situations/locations
  3. The point of dreams in narrative
  4. Meaningful symbolism, using the objects available, usually of import to character
  5. The power of objects -- their between character and emotion
  6. The importance visual imagery
  7. Telling character actions that define them and their goals
  8. Characters being offered something tangible when faced with choices
  9. Etc.

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