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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: The Digital Eidolon That Fits in Your Pocket by Trent Zelazny

The Digital Eidolon That Fits in Your Pocket is another 10-minute play by Trent Zelazny, but this one's more of a glimpse of the near future where a human can be uploaded into a digital eidolon.

Sean has just lost his wife, Jennifer.  Dobbs visits him right after the funeral to sell Sean an iPod of his wife--a wife that talks to and interacts with him as if she were right there.  Sean is less than pleased.

While this goes where you might expect it to, Zelazny is able to do something impressively potent with your emotions.  It's an interesting layered work worth reading and probably worth watching.  Zelazny says he doesn't write SF or fantasy, but this proves him a dirty liar.

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