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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Deceived by Dustin LaValley

The Deceived by Dustin LaValley

Reading this, I thought this could make a pretty good low-budget Indie film by the new Quentin Tarantino.  And it turns out the author is a screenwriter, which accounts for the dialogue being well executed.

The story opens with a couple, after reading an article about valuable paintings being, thinking they're going waltz in steal them easily. Meanwhile, Miles plays a game of Russian roulette with himself when the couple shows up. They feign car troubles and trying to get help. Miles figures out something's up when he sees the phone cord cut.

Now things get worse. Much worse. For Miles has nothing to lose and he's already done something before the story's started that might make the couple think twice before trying to rob Miles. The author's invention and complication turbo-boosts the reader until he's read the last page.  A great tug of war, between the trio.  Do I recommend reading this? Oh, yes.

While the opening hints at troubles (and the foreshadowing's super cool the second time around--reread the card game), it's a bit low compared to later octane, which isn't to say that this should be high octane the whole ride. Rather, a few scenes could spice up foreshadowing or characters or whatnot.

It isn't clear why the thieves don't act immediately, but for whatever their motives the complex plot is extremely well done.

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