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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"The Wee Folk" by J.G. Faherty

First appeared in Midnight Echo.

Here's a tale full of wonder goodness.

It is structured as a mystery: Who is killing these men? (the wee folk, directly or indirectly, depending on your perspective) How? (little knives and spears) And why?  The main protagonists, a married couple, have supernatural abilities that help them see answers--one can answer yes or no to questions and the other reads memories upon touching body parts. A fascinating set-up.

The town has a pact with the wee folk, but it appears the wee folk have broken it. Is it because the humans have broken the pact or the wee folk?

The mystery aspect could use more work as much information comes when needed. However, the scenario's fascinating, and it feels like a potent series I'd like to read more from.

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