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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tim's Vermeer & optics in art

Boing Boing points out a new DVD out, Tim's Vermeer, explaining how Tim Jenison has replicated Vermeer's technical accuracy.  Movie trailer:

DIY Vermeer documentary utterly misses the point about old masters 
"Tim Jenison tried for a whole year to recreate a Vermeer painting – and all he got was a pedantic imitation."  (The title of the webpage says the movie failed.)

  • The critic does a good job reminding us that this is art, not imitations.   However, although someone did ask if Vermeer were a "machine," Tim Jenison says that he's not an artist.  So I think Jenison's modus operandi is just to discover how Vermeer might have done it.
Related, the Hockney–Falco thesis similarly proposes (by artist David Hockney and physicist Charles M. Falco) that optics were used to create the realism of Renaissance paintings.  BBC video:

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