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Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Beautiful Boys" by Theodora Goss

First appeared in Sheila Williams' Asimov's. Reprinted by Jonathan Strahan in his Year's Best and John Joseph Adams in Lightspeed.

The story is rather simple. A PhD professor studies "Beautiful Boys" which are aliens come to Earth who mate with women and leave. The professor herself gets intimately involved with one and eventually has a child with one herself. He, predictably, flees.

Despite mentioning aliens and being publishing in Asimov's, this probably shares more in common with interstitial fiction. Yet one can squint and call it SF as it nominally investigates aliens. These aliens, though, are more of dissection of the real-life male who never settles down--with work or women, dabbling in varieties of both.

One might anticipate a scathing diatribe. Instead, it's a rather light-hearted poke at the male type, alternating between an academic discussion and the professor's engagement with a member of this species.

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