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Friday, January 30, 2015

Top five stories from the last year at

As always, plenty of interesting work here, but these stood out:

624 [untitled] 
by John Pugh XI

Pugh renders a creepy SF world in two sentences.


603 [untitled] 
by Meredith Hatcher 

A semi-subtle portrait of a woman who didn't get what she's expected to enjoy.


596 [untitled] 
by R. Gatwood 

A tale of two lovers, possibly grown older, memory slipping--and plans for their future.


588  [untitled] by Sylvia van Bruggen 

This one hints a larger story that begs to be written.


by Mathew Loudon 

It begins touching, ends on a different note.



A pair of mysteries:
  1. 578 by Foster Trecost
  2. 577 by Daniel Galef 


Best line:

Monica Wang's "a future disappointment left her fallopian tube"


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  1. Hurrah! I'm one of the runner-ups. (Sorry, Mr. Safire. I of course meant runners-up. If it's any consolation, your novel Push was fantastic.)

  2. I enjoyed, Daniel. Hope to see more of yours.

  3. The grammar aspect, I believe, can go either way.