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Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Stone Cipher" by Tony Pi

Written by a Ph.D. in linguistics, "The Stone Cipher" does play with his expertise but also with religion, the literalization of the Gaia hypothesis, and human responsibility. The protagonists, Pierre and Marie-Claire, decipher the mystery of what the statues are saying. Their revelations, however, make them rather unpopular.

The science of reading lips was fun. The central imagery of the talking stone statues stirred the imagination. On the second read, the ending was emotionally moving in an Ovid's-Metamorphosis manner. Yet would the protagonists have chosen this way? Perhaps a particularly trusting and romantic couple might. Also, how does Marie-Claire so quickly switch from an adherent to Catholicism to adherent of the earth goddess? A transition period may be in order (unless she mixes religions or combines the earth goddess in an unusual way). Still a strong piece.
  • Writers of the Future, 23

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