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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom" by Andrea Kail

Written entirely in letters, "The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom" tells of King Tut or Ghazi writing to Abraham Lincoln. Like Lincoln #3, Ghazi is reborn to the future, but his life is not welcomed by all.

SPOILER: Ghazi is in trouble politically with those who see him as antithetical to their political will and with those who see Ghazi as a potentially lucrative experiment. This is the story's zinger it holds until the end--and a potent one. Also effective is the use of Lincoln--also shot at. While generally dramatic, a good portion feels rather loose or structured as more of a novel than a short story. Moreover, is this the personality that Tut would have had, considering the society he grew in and his genetic propensity? Nonetheless, the story engages us in some painful questions.
  • Writers of the Future, 23

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