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Monday, January 24, 2011

Your Gramma's Grammar

Grammar Book is a website with free explanations (both written and video-recorded) and a handful of free quizzes. Like any set of grammar rules, it may disagree with another set in a few regards. The benefit of this set is their brevity and getting to practice what you learned online. If you use this as your only source of review, you can subscribe for 29.95 (institutions pay more).

The review process is probably faster than with a book. The problem with speed, however, may be recalling the information later, which is easily rectified by revisiting within a week or a month, which I'd recommend as a teacher.

While a good, comprehensive review, this is probably not as useful for larger sentence-, paragraph-, and paper-level issues. Also, it is not commercial-free, but the ads aren't too distracting (although the multiple-part videos might have been combined).

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