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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Review: From Iron to Car

From Iron to Car 
Shannon Zemlicka
Lerner Publishing Group
Lerner Publications
Target Audience:  Grade K-3

This book traces the process of manufacturing a car from the iron to the car itself.  The pictures are fantastic--the molten ore, the shaped steel, melding of shape to shape--giving a sense of insider knowledge on the process.

The scientist in me, however, desires a few more details--such as why do they add limestone and charcoal to the iron ore?  A sentence might give readers insight or at least an early glimpse into the chemical processes occurring.  But maybe this might be asking too much for younger readers.

The book is ideal for the young who can't get enough of cars.  Scientific aspects will need to be brought in from outside the book.  The back of the book includes a glossary of new vocabulary used.

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