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Friday, January 25, 2013

On Writing and Creativity

The New, a new magazine (FB)

New course in Fantasy and SF by Eric Rabkin at Coursera 
As  well as one on scientific thinking
Cartoonist, Lynda Barry (fascinating, humorous talk on creativity and imagery)
Overlap with similar anecdotes:  Writing to Remember
Max Sebald's writing rules

21 Woman Writers to know

6 things prose writers might learn from screen writers

25 truths about publishing
Thought on numbered posts -- While often intriguing, usually supporting examples do not occur in these articles, which would help seal the information for readers.
Farland on going from idea to story

Benjamin Rosenbaum on The Hobbit film (good for complex narrative reasoning)

John Langan on Horror

Michel Kelly interview

Theodora Goss's Fairy Tale class

Michael Swanwick on James Branch Cabell

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