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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: Creatures of Light by Karin Rita Gastreich

In Creatures of Light, Selenia is in love (lust?) with Master Nicholas, a sailor with a woman in every port.  When he returns with an animal for her to use in her study of poisons, they embrace in passion.  You suspect you are in well trodden historical fantasy romance territory.  But then you learn she's been married since fifteen to kindly gentleman who set her up in the university and she's okay with his other lovers.  It's not until she needs to test out her new poison that you realize what the author means by the opening quote:
"I have been familiar with the face of these monsters so long that I have even learnt to love them." --W D Hudson, The Naturalist in La Plata
 The despicability may fascinate some readers, impelling them to read on; however, the story is soon over leaving readers with more of a Day-in-the-Life-of-Selenia than a story.  This ought to be enough to know if this story is for you.  Likely, if this leads to a novel, this will hook them to read on.

Another popular book (according to reviews) is her first novel, Eolyn.

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