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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Career Moves (teaching, writing and otherwise)

"Said No Teacher Ever"  -- humorous video although I actually have said one or two of these.

20 tips on 10-min improvements on the classroom

Classic science demo--gravity with  parallel to siphoning--explained with video

A teacher opines on what makes a good teacher

The collapse of teachers preparing students for college (one teacher's lament of testing procedures)

How to be happy as a writer

Sci-Fi author gets date... in alternate universe (joke post)

James Van Pelt on David Jauss on Charles Baxter's ideas on the epiphany

Gareth Powell interview

James Gunn interview

Stuck?  David Farland offers suggestions
He also describes how to get an agent and how to brainstorm ideas.
7 elements of military SF

Aimee Bender on the habit of writing (writer's contract)

Michael Blumlein's limited edition of collected short fiction

Infinity Plus gets a face lift.

Extending your career through ghost writers

Writing and Otherwise
Tony Tost on transitioning from poetry to television scripts

Cross-fertilization of being a scientist and a writer (J.M. Sidorova)

Photos of the "invisible world" as art

Joss Whedon on being prolific:

  1. REWARD YOURSELF EARLY AND OFTEN (reward yourself for everything you accomplish)
  2. FILL THE TANKS (read widely for inspiration)
  3. ENLIST YOUR FRIENDS (mix social and work)
  4. TOUGH LOVE (no excuses--go do it)

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