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Monday, August 19, 2013

Science and Technology links

 What happens when you step into a black hole, revisited?
"If the firewall argument was right, one of three ideas that lie at the heart and soul of modern physics, had to be wrong. Either information can be lost after all; Einstein’s principle of equivalence is wrong; or quantum field theory, which describes how elementary particles and forces interact, is wrong and needs fixing. Abandoning any one of these would be revolutionary or appalling or both."
Locations for future cities

New habitable planets

Inspirational terraforming clip

Inspirational clip about trash into treasure in Paraguay

David Brin's positive view of technology changing the world (environmentally)

The "Hyperloop" -- 800-mile-per-hour travel  (or 4000mph)

Standing/walking on the job:
"What you need as well, the latest research suggests, is constant low-level activity."
Artificial Chromosomes (enthusiastic article that could use a few more words  of caution)

Jo Walton points to John Brunner as at forefront of the internet SF, but Gregory Benford points out his own predecessor story although he allows it may not be the best.

Flattening ebook sales growth
Fails to point out (as one reader says, that this is growth; moreover, no mention is made of the decision to get rid of low-cost books at Amazon (<$2.99) because of their lucrative lack for authors/publishers.
Ian R. MacLeod titles out in ebook formats

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