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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Legally "Stealing" Jay Caselberg

I'd schemed an anthology years back, but the funding fell through.  I bought an excellent story by Jay Caselberg--a fine writer with interesting ideas.

Here's a whole bundle of his books for only 99 cents.  Steal it while you can.

The Jack Stein Omnibus 
by Jay Caselberg 

All of the Jack Stein novels collected into one volume for the first time. Wyrnhole, Metal Sky, The Star Tablet and Wall of mirrors, completing the entire story arc in one volume. 
"Jay Caselberg is Philip K. Dick gene-spliced with Raymond Chandler" -- Stephen Baxter 
Jack is a Psychic Investigator. The problem is his dreams and hunches point him the way. For the rest he has to rely on good old fashioned detective work and his streetsmart sidekick Billie to cut through the mystery involving corporations, aliens and the fate of the world.

(I still hope to get that anthology funded.  One day.  Not quite as infamous as Last Dangerous Visions.)

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