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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Stories and links from Stupefying Stories

The Slushpile Survival Guide A Manuscript's Odyssey (parts 1-5 in links)

Interesting observations about naming stories

Aaron Bradford Starr's "First Impressions"

Alien contact seems to be far harsher than the diplomat imagined.  While their technology sounds out of this world, their prices sound awfully steep.  Or are they just funning us?

"The Cat's Tale" by Simon Kewin

Schrodinger's cat is mad....  A short revenge monologue from the POV of the cat.  It may be useful as a way to cement student understanding the Schrodinger's cat experiment although it's not explanatory.

Jackie, We Hardly Knew Ye by Carly Berg

Famous first wife seeks revenge for infidelities.  Her societal weakness, her ire, becomes her strength.

The Storyteller by Alex Shvartsman

Scheherazade's story is a little different than you thought.

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