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Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Casting Ammonites" by Claire Massey

Appears in Shadows and Tall Trees (editor Michael Kelly).

For the lit'rary set.  The narrator lives by the sea, near a hidden labyrinth.  A woman stops by and immediately spots it, to the narrator's surprise.  She asks pointed questions.  They discuss ammonites and snakestones and she probes deeper that he imagines.  The ammonite becomes more than a metaphor.

Interesting work that intrigues me to investigate more of her work.  This may not even be dark fantasy, but it sparks thought and from the foreshadowing, it seems clear the author put some work into this one.  If she has more in this vein, I'd like to mine it--a collection, even better.  The kind of writer that writers like to read.  A writer to watch.

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