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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wolverton Novel Outline Workshop

If you're a writer, here's another way you can help the Wolvertons and yourself.  Take a workshop from David Farland.  He gives you his all:

Prewriting — From Brainstorming to Outlines $349
"In this 7-week workshop, learn how to brainstorm a complex novel or screenplay–from setting, through casting, conflicts, and plotting, up through creating a final outline."
It's more work than I expected, but it's worth the price of admission.  It will help you envision a well-rounded novel.  I've fumbled at novels before and made little headway, not sure how to proceed.  Farland clears the path for you, but some of those lessons are a sharp learning curve.  "You want me to do what? how?"  As soon as you belt yourself in for an extended ride through your own imagination, you'll feel like you've built a better amusement park.

Other courses are newly available.

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