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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lucius Shepard

There are several in-memoriams. Here are some of the best:

I was not shy about my admiration of the man's work at Clarion West, and I got to meet him at someone's backyard party one Saturday. I loved "Beast of the Heartland" (which he liked) and "The All-Consuming" (which he was less fond of). He shared a novel he was working on--something about gondolas that I didn't quite follow. He told me not to take his idea--"Not that you would," he added. I didn't. I haven't ever heard of this published as a novel or a story, so apparently he has various manuscripts that have not seen the light.

One of the finest writers inside or out of the genre has enlightened us, leaving behind much to enlighten future generations. Now it's the worms' turn to be enlightened as apparently he might have said, according to Swanwick--just as Shakespeare told us through Hamlet. May he live on through us.

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