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Monday, March 10, 2014

"Through the Cooking Glass" by Vylar Kaftan

First appeared in Raven Electrick. It was up for the 2007 WSFA Small Press Award. Toasted Cake "reprinted" it for audio.

This poignant tale's so short, you might as well read it before I spoil it for you.

Mrs. Wallace makes gingerbread cookies that come to life in her oven. She blushes when they procreate, but watches fascinated as they build homes. When they start to burn, they try fruitlessly to escape. Mrs. Wallace simply seals the stove and opens the windows, apparently afraid of their intrusion on her life, what that might mean. This makes for a nice parallel to our own lives: What do we do when we can make someone's life better?

Great title.

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