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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Farmer invented electric and wind car.

Nifty traits of the eight-limbed:  octopus & squid

Teaching myths.  Teachers have been misinformed. Part of the problem is that so much of education is presented as fact that is not. Esp. telling about the well-informed teacher being the most susceptible to myth.

Rhys Hughes introduced me to Daniil Kharms, a surrealist with a fascination for Sherlock Holmes, the everyday bizarre and grotesque violence.  The best of these, "A Knight," is devastating in its underplayed emotion.  Three other very good shorts online are "Andrey Semyonovich," "How a Man Crumbled," and "The Destiny of a Professor's Wife."  Here are the general story contents.  An ebook is available:  The Plummeting Old Women.  Hughes is putting together a Kharms-tribute collection.

Video clips for Steve Aylett's faux-documentary, Lint, about a speculative pulp writer.  Includes cameos from Alan Moore and other famous writers.

1936 readers predict which readers will be read in the future.

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