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Friday, December 28, 2012

Review of Kevin J. Anderson's "Stakeout at the Vampire Circus"

Dan Chambeaux (or Dan Shambles), is  private detective.  He's also one of the walking dead, shot while on a case (Death Warmed Over has Shambles investigating his own murder, in addition other mysteries like hunting down a zombie-puppy painting).  He works with his girlfriend, Sheyenne, who is a ghost, and an African-American lawyer.  All of them specialize in the unnaturals--werewolves, ogres, ghost, goblins, golems, trolls, vampires and zombies--the politically unrepresented monsters that began appearing during the Big Uneasy.

In Stakeout at the Vampire Circus, Shambles investigates missing clown noses hiding secret identities, faux magic medallions that help vampires transform form, and a fortune-telling "lady's"  magic cards.  The circus is struggling to get into the black, and these minor thefts prevent that.  One theft causes someone to die...

The mysteries are gently humorous, with such jokes as...
"That was worth the price of admission," I [Dan Chambeaux] said.  
Sheyenne looked at me.  "We didn't pay anything--we got free tickets." 
"Then it's worth twice as much." 
The main characters and their clients are all likeable.  The mysteries are not full of clues and red herrings allowing readers to guess whodunnit, but they are pleasant entertainments.  Another book newly available is Unnatural Acts, with a fourth mystery, Hair Raising, on the way.

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