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Monday, February 4, 2013

Links (from writing to science)

Books & Writing
Richard Bausch on How-To writing books (Writing in 700 easy lessons)

Steve Vernon on ebook sales

Cat Rambo recommends this story

John Scalzi suspects new Star Wars director will be fine

Douglas Lain's Wave of Mutilation for 99 cents (reviewed here) (interview)

David Farland on Habit vs. Motivation

Bruce Holland Rogers on rejection

Re-writers of fairy tales respond to them
Science, Technology,  & assorted Silliness
Flying on Venus (Geoffrey A. Landis)

Virtual Middle Class?

If New York weren't lit up, what would its skies look like?

Killer mouse kills scorpions and howls in triumph

Quantum screens of future?

Deep-sea diving

Plant altruism?

Five survival skills movies mis-taught

Make your own pulp cover

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