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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit's Amazing Migration

The Long, Long Journey
The Godwit's Amazing Migration 
Sandra Markle, Author
Mia Posada, Illustrator
Lerner Publishing Group

The Long, Long Journey trails the godwit bird’s nonstop, 7,270-mile migration from its birth in Alaska to its arrival in New Zealand.  When the birds are hatched, the chicks hunt insects and parents keep them warm.  To fool predators, chicks blend in with surroundings and the adults swoop in to attack.  In a month the chick tests her new feathers and wings until she flies. 

The young stay with the father as the mother moves on, waiting for the young to strengthen.  Godwits migrate to mud flats to sup on worms and clams.  When they fatten and the weather changes, the long journey begins.  Falcons attack, but some live on, thinning and weakening.  At last they arrive at New Zealand mudflats.  The young godwits stay in New Zealand two years until they can make the journey back.

The appendix contains further reading (websites and books) and more specific facts.  A pleasant book, well-illustrated with simple paintings about an uncommon bird.

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