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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Arts (links)

Tarkovsky Films Now Free Online says, "Sorry, the short story boom is bogus."
Response:  Laura Miller makes great points, but she doesn't produce proof that there isn't a boom.  Rather, she disagrees that the evidence is evidence for boom, but disagreeing with evidence does not negate the existence of a thing.  Perhaps there is a boom compared to story sales prior to e-reading.  Perhaps not.
Make art to accompany Neil Gaiman's stories.

Nebula nominees announced

On Building  a Book Blog

Boskone 50 "The Paper Menagerie:" Anatomy of a Winning Story

Top 10 SF movies of 21st Century?

10 Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Horror Movies

Walter Jon Williams on the suspension of disbelief

China Mieville's Top 50 books

Top Ten Innovative Alien Stories

Importance of Theodore Sturgeon's "Maturity" [Michael Swanwick & Jason Sanford; also of interest History of SF Flame Wars]

Donate to writing scholarship and receive ebook [Octavia E. Butler Scholarship]

Essay:  An Exercise in Doubt:
"Argumentation is a good skill to have, but the real argument should be with oneself. Especially when it comes to the development of young writers, it is crucial to nudge them past that self-righteous inveighing, that shrill, defensive one-track that is deadly for personal essays or memoirs, and encourage a more polyphonic, playful approach. That may be why a classic essay technique is to stage an inner debate by thinking against oneself."

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