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Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing & "Bad science" links

Karen Heuler on her story collection

Nathan Ballingrud on his story collection

David Farland on romance

DF Lewis on Sein und Werden's latest issueThe Ironic Fantastic edited by Rhys Hughes
(next issue's guidelines:  Exquisite Corpse)

Steven Barnes on writing (blog)

Bruce Bethke's Stupefying Stories provided ebooks of the Campbell award nominees's stories

Rachel Pollack's stories read:
"The Souls in the Trees"
"The Pickpocket's Destiny"
George Orwell on politics and language 

Science animation

Animation of asteroid that passes near Earth

Bad Science (possibility of)
Reader smartly challenges interpretation of scientific study about chewing gum aiding concentration.  (however, I heard of a similar study several years earlier, so their study might have tried more to explain an earlier study's finding, but still smart and worth reading).

Likewise, another study possibly confuses causation with correlation, but it's hard to tell as the article is full of ax-grinding.

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