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Thursday, April 25, 2013

“How I Came to Marry a Herpetologist” from Nina Kiriki Hoffman's Permeable Borders

Permeable Borders 
Nina Kiriki Hoffman 
Fairwood Press
Originally appeared in Twice Upon a Time
Available online here.

Librarian Fanchon Bufo doesn't talk because if she does, she speaks "toads and snakes" into being.  She has to call Sheila, an animal handler, to get them out of her apartment.  Her sister, on the other hand, is pretty and speaks pearls.  However, one day, as the title goes, she meets a rich ecological herpetologist who sees her beauty.  They marry but not happily ever after.  She sees one attractive toad who, when she kisses it, changes into a prince.  She kisses all of them and they change back into princesses and mermaids.  What about the earlier enchanted lizards she spoke into being?  What will she do with them, all taken from their time?  Will her  husband still accept her?

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