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Saturday, April 27, 2013

“Trees Perpetual of Sleep” from Nina Kiriki Hoffman's Permeable Borders

Permeable Borders 
Nina Kiriki Hoffman 
Fairwood Press
Originally appeared in Enchanted Forests

Like "Home for Christmas" and "Here We Come A-Wandering", this story has the same recurring character, Matt Black, who appeared in her novel, A Stir of Bones. 

In a forest, Matt and Terry settle to do some magic.  Matt, who normally doesn't hear trees, but hears this one--an enchanted witch who'd been dueling spells with his sister.  Hoffman plays up the awkwaedness of the boy wizard's nakedness as Matt helps out the boy.  Not as strong as "Here We Come A-Wandering" possibly because it doesn't develop the relationships or the speculation.

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