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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Fragments of a Hologram Rose" by William Gibson

This originally appeared in Unearth, a magazine for beginning writers--one that initially housed many major authors such as James Blaylock.  Parker moves through his dystopian world, being an indentured servant, but escaping from this without a notion as to why.  Parker almost but never recognizes his situation.  That's it.  A character shows us our future American dystopia.   Well written on a sentence level--the story's strength--it doesn't rise above it's parts.  Interesting from a Gibson-completist perspective and how Gibson's work gained incredible strength only four short years later with "The Gernsback Continuum" which appeared in Terry Carr's admired anthology series, Universe, and two stories in the illustrious Omni magazine under the editorship of Ben Bova, Robert Sheckley, Ellen Datlow: " Johnny Mnemonic" and "Hinterlands".  The former was nominated for a Nebula, both for the Locus Poll Award.

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