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Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Night Moves" by Tim Powers

First appeared in a chapbook of the same name.
Reprinted in Dozois' Year's Best SF and the author's collection, Strange Itineraries.

This story tackles some of the themes Powers has tackled over the years:  that there are people who see more of the world than the ordinary people:  "We both seem to be acting like lunatics," says Debbie, Roger's wife.  Roger's wife was mistreated as a child, and he was abandoned as a child when they suspected something strange about Roger's playmate, which followed them wherever they moved.
"Decide what you want[, says Roger's childhood make-believe playmate, Evelyn,] so I can give it to you. 
" 'Can you find Mom and Dad?' he whispered. 
"Debbie instantly sat up in bed behind him. 'What?  Are you crazy?' "
Brilliant dialogue--plays on both Debbie and Roger.  Roger and his parents do confront, but it wasn't quite what he thought.  He's had more control over his reality than he thought.
"[I]f she could find even a scrap of that dress, and then hang onto it, it might regenerate itself.  slowly, yes you couldn't be in a hurry, but if you were willing to wait... and she suspected that if the cloth were with her, it might regenerate her, too..."

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