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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Free, new, reduced ebook lunches

Write What You'd Love to Read 
by John (Jack) Lehman 
Former editor of Rosebud

From FIRST Draft to FINAL Product 
by Michael Milton 
This guy is pursuing his master's in creative writing--possibly collated notes on what he's learned thus far. No publications as yet as far as I can tell.

A. A. Attanasio series:
Nebula-, Locus-, World Fantasy-nominated author seems to be having a series of sales on many if not all of his books.

The Shadow Eater 
(The Dominions of Irth) 

The Dragon and the Unicorn 
(The Perilous Order of Camelot) 

Lou Aronica series:
Until Again 
prequel novella

related novel


City of Bones 
(The Mortal Instruments) 
by Cassandra Clare 
I had a student fond of--rabid about?--this series.

by Steve Aylett 
a surreal novella/short novel which I found difficult because it does read like poetry. I made the mistake in trying to understand it. Better to simply allow the associative language pass by.
Cobweb Bride: 
The Complete Trilogy: 
(3-Book Boxed Set) 
by Vera Nazarian 
Quite a bargain.

The New York Times: Disunion: 
Modern Historians Revisit and Reconsider the Civil War from Lincoln's Election to the Emancipation Proclamation by The New York Times
Ted Widmer, Clay Risen, George Kalogerakis  

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