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Friday, February 28, 2014

Mathematically Astronomical Links

Moon & Solar System
First video in history to capture the Moon orbiting Earth

Moon flashes Earth after getting pounding from MASSIVE meteorite
Largest impact yet recorded visible from our world

The Sculpture on the Moon
"Scandals and conflicts obscured one of the most extraordinary achievements of the Space Age."

A Saturn Moon Erupts

To Infinity and Beyond
When Infinity Is Actually a Small, Negative Fraction (interesting math trick)

First 'Habitable Zone' Galactic Bulge Exoplanet Found

Astronomers Find What May Be a Star Within a Star:
"The best candidate yet for an elusive Thorne-Żytkow Object"

Astronomers Find [Possible] First Evidence of Other Universes 
Our cosmos was “bruised” in collisions with other universes. Now astronomers [may] have found the first evidence of these impacts in the cosmic microwave background.

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