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Saturday, May 10, 2014

"A Flying Saucer With Minnesota Plates" by Lawrence Watt-Evans

First appeared in Asimov's.  Up for the Asimov's Reader's Poll award.  Reprinted by Cynthia Manson and Charles Ardai. A sequel to "Why I Left Harry’s All-Night Hamburgers".

This time Harry is the main character.  A traveler's UFO has broken down in  the early hours of the shop's parking lot, and it can't be repaired.  What can they do to keep from having Harry's discovered?  *spoiler*  Use it as a publicity stunt.

Charming tale with a great title, but not an especially strong addition to the series, probably because it does not appear to challenge the protagonist especially.  Watt-Evans had the right idea as the series needs expansion.  It is strengthened, though, being next to its prequel in his Crosstime Traffic collection.  I love the clever MN plates in the book cover to the right.

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