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Sunday, May 11, 2014

"An Infinity of Karen" by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Appeared in Amazing.

A man lost his wife, so he hunts her down through various parallel universes.  He finds her, but she's already married to him (uncomfortable shenanigans ensue).  He seeks her in a universe where she's lost him.  He does, but she's gone to look for him.

Despite the brevity of description above, I found the tale quite emotionally compelling, wrenching.  In fact, I'd intended only to read a few stories from the collection, but the [expletive deleted] writer sucked me into his other stories as well.

Since Watt-Evans plays a variety of emotion chords, I'm surprised this one hasn't been reprinted or received an award nod.  Maybe fewer people read it, or it only seems stronger next to other stories of its kind.  But worth checking out if you like time-travel stories.  Crosstime Traffic is rather strong collection for such fare.

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