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Monday, July 30, 2012

Coward’s Steel by K C Ball

Writers of the Future XXVI

Tate wanders a post-apocalyptic world, joined by the voices of her mentor, Jolene, who reminds her of Jolene’s eight laws. She joins a group of survivors who may or may not belong in the same timeline as she does. Tate falls in love but Jolene’s voice urges her to move on, which turns out to be a good and bad thing.

This one requires a bit of work--not too much, but rereading of certain parts may well be required. Who some of the earlier characters she encountered becomes clear what their identity is. Some of the magic doesn’t seem essential, or its use is not clear, but the story’s a fun and clever read to investigate.

KC Ball now has a collection out including short works in Analog and Flash Fiction online.

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