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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The House of Nameless by Jason Fischer

Writers of the Future XXVI

A semi-surreal, semi-Greek-myth, semi-symbolic fantasy world full of pocket universes manipulated by strange godlike beings. While on a date, Raoul, a “Renaissance” minotaur, finds a blurry intrude on his date. The blurry man promises to undo all of Raoul’s work. This one’s reminiscent of many posthuman, far-future, decadent world where technology looks like magic, as Arthur Clarke stated as one of his laws. The blurry man threatens their decadence, so that when they’re trapped at one of their parties, they seek a way to trap the threat.

This one can be read in multiple ways, which is fun for readers who enjoy a challenge, although for other readers the fluid cause-effect will bar their enjoyment. Yet for any reader, it will be hard to fault its pyrotechnic invention.

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