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Monday, July 2, 2012

Garden of Tian Zi by Emery Huang

Writers of the Future XXV

Tian Zi is a genetic-engineering industrial spy for The Movement, stealing from big companies to sell to the smaller ones. Tian Zi sets up genetically modified organisms like frogs who will release peptide to be used in DNA computing. The Movement sets up cells all around China at a price cheaper than most corporations but still expensive. This makes him a target of thugs who are more than willing to kill. So he tries to blend in to the villages he lives in without getting close to anyone. But then a young lady, Khulan, gets nosy and wants to get involved, which just makes trouble for Tian and Khulan.

The science may be somewhat dubious (which could be a fun project to investigate), but the ride a roller coaster--one with some emotional impact.

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