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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Circuit by J. D. EveryHope

Writers of the Future XXIV

An archivist shows Lela, his daughter, the Compendium of Literature and Literary Analysis, which is a first edition, artificially intelligent book. When the book refuses to state how it feels, it demonstrates that the book is emotional and biased. However, his daughter is fascinated and steals it, shaping her mind with stories and poems the Compendium reads to her. Lela grows up to challenge the predominant Postcultural Objectivist culture. After Lela dies, the book falls into other hands--one who will become a great orator. Finally, someone recognies the book as the catalyst for all of these great people and suggests it be destroyed, but the book talks about being stowed away, so that one day (the text suggests) it can be taken up by other hands.

Clever story about the impact of literature.

Writers of the Future, J. D. EveryHope

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