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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Exanastasis by Brad Torgersen

Writers of the Future XXVI

While a war broke out on Earth, destroying everything, Atreus and his wife died on the moon. Now they have been resurrected by their lunar AI computers (their “children”) they’d left to rebuild. Atreus immediately recognizes it to be too good to be true. Angry at being manipulated only to save their children--his wife is only the good aspects he remembered--and at their not yet recreating Earth as commanded, he refuses to communicate with the North Koreans coming in to attack the moon. Unlike the Koreans, the lunar inhabitants are unarmed, but Hypatia has a plan.

Torgersen has gone on to publish a number of stories at Analog. He does a good job reinvigorating old SF tropes and updating them. The emotion, however, feels over the top, and the story acknowledges this. Perhaps it might have been better if the story had brought us to where he is, progressively.

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